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PubMed Articles

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  • Rudolf Vichow Award for Critical Anthropology of Global Health, Society for Medical Anthropology (2007)

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Book Chapters

Holmes SM, Castaneda H.  “Ethnographic Methods in Migration and Health Research.”  In Schenker M, Castaneda X., eds.  Migration and Health Research Methodologies.  University of California Press.  2014.

Selected Other Publications

Holmes, SM.  “Discussing ‘Suffering Slot Anthropology’ with Migrant Farm Workers.” Anthropology News. 2016; 57(11-12):52-53. 

Holmes SM, Castaneda H, Burrell J. “American Politicians’ Reactions to Refugees Echo Past Xenophobia: Which Side of History Do We Want to Be on?” November 11, 2015. Huffington Post.

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Holmes, S.M. “Not all migrants want to be immigrants.” Salon. July 6, 2013. 

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